Fascinating topic, Kristin! I looked up "the list" and was slightly surprised to see Canada Geese on it. Where I live in Western Nevada, they are an invasive nuisance. In fact, since they have everything they need right here, they live here year-round. They do get a bit antsy in autumn and spring. But after making a few orbits of the valley in vee-formation, they remember that there is no need to migrate after all, and they return to home base.

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Gary, We had to deal with Canada Geese staying on our farm, where they compete with our livestock for grass! At least they don't kill livestock directly. More worrisome, I began seeing Black Vultures hanging around our farm through the winter in recent years also. Strange for a "tropical" bird, but if they can feed on livestock all year, the incentive to migrate may be gone. I have found some information on this that confirms my observations: https://avianreport.com/black-vulture-migration-movements/

So one wonders how long bird species that have stopped migrating will stay on the list of "migratory birds" protected by the treaties and MBTA of 1918.

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